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With over 20 years of professional photography experience, Rodrigo Varela is a destination wedding photographer in Miami and New York and is renown for his ability to capture the very moments that make up the beauty of life.
As a photographer for Getty Images/WireImage, the largest celebrity agency in the world, Rodrigo has photographed numerous international celebrities and has enjoyed exclusive rights to coverage of the Latin Grammy Awards. His talent has also allowed him to regularly shoot for Univision, People en Español, ESPN, ABC Television and Disney among other notable awards shows, events, and publications.

Although he’s captured countless A-list celebrities on film, Rodrigo Varela has a style that translates to life's most important moments, making every bride and groom feel like celebrities themselves, with images to rival those in any upscale wedding magazine. He shudders at the mundane and makes it a personal goal never to duplicate any photo he’s previously produced.
At a time when many have relied solely on technology to create images with lasting impressions, Rodrigo Varela has maintained a style and gift for composition that need not rely on tools to convey a powerful message. For celebrities and private clients alike, Rodrigo Varela’s work truly captures the excitement and mood of life’s treasured events.